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In this section we cover the RGT Initial Stage.

Initial Stage Chords

Chord image Chord image Chord image Chord image

                   C Major                          G Major                           A Minor                          E Minor

Initial Stage Chord Video Lessons

        C Major Video               G Major Video                 A Minor Video                E Minor Video

Initial Stage Scales

Scale image Scale image Scale image

   C Major Scale Video     G Major Scale Video      G Major Scale Image     C Major Scale Image

Rhythm Playing Study

Rhythm Study Tips

               Rhythm Study Video Lessons.                                  Rhythm Study Images.

Scale image Scale image

        Example One                 Example Two.                 Example One                Example Two.

Melody Pieces

     When The Saints          Top Of Old Smokey           Row The Boat                    Kumbaya

How The Exam Is Scored.

Exercise Maximum Score Available
Chords & Scales 25 points
Rhythm Piece 25 Points
Melody Piece One 25 Points
Melody Piece Two 25 Points

How your score is calculated.

Score Award
85 & Above Distinction
75 to 84.5 Merit
65 To 74.5 Pass
55 To 64.5 Below Pass upper Level
0 To 54.5 Below Pass lower Level

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Initial Stage £12.99 + £1.99 p&p.


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